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  • "They cleaned the ducts, ac units, washed the vent covers, and sprayed a sanitizer in the ducts.
    When Curtis and his assistant arrived, they introduced themselves and began setting up. Before they began work on our 2 heat pump systems, I told Curtis that in addition to all the duct cleaning, I had a bonus challenge... keep an eye out for the wedding band that my daughter accidentally dropped in the kitchen 8 YEARS ago. Not a fancy ring, but great sentimental value. About an hour later, Curtis found me and said that he had found my ring!! I was sooo happy! They did a great job. They cleaned the ducts, ac units, washed the vent covers, and sprayed a sanitizer in the ducts. The house smells fresh and I have my ring back! Thanks, guys!"
    "We had our vents, ducts and unit cleaned and sanitized. Curtis came and reviewed the job and got to work. He was very detailed and kept his work space neat and clean. He used care to not let our pets out of the house. He had to crawl under the house for some of the work. He showed us a before and after with the camera and WOW!!! What a huge difference. It took a few hours to have the work completed. Curtis was very knowledgeable and pointed out a few things that need some work and let us know what we were doing right with the air filters. Wonderful experience.ork was great. Curtis took care of the cleaning and did not leave a mess. He was professional and took care in the work being completed."
    "Curtis was very professional and explained the entire process. He even provided a recommendation to further improve our HVAC efficiency by upgrading our broken attic fan to a thermally regulated attic fan. Curtis spent 7 hours at our home performing the service, and when he left, you could tell a difference as the house smelled very clean. Curtis also ensured that all work areas were cleaned as well."
    "I have 3 dogs, allergies, contact lenses, and I'm a germaphobe! I called the company and spoke with Bobby. I asked why he was more expensive than some of his competition. He gave me a quick explanation of the heavy duty equipment he used. I set an appointment for 2 days later. He wasn't joking about the equipment. The machine blew a huge cloud of dust out of my house, VERY EXCITING! (and gross) The guys were professional and cleaned up when they were finished. I am very satisfied and will call this company again."
    "Clean all my air ducts in my one story home....Mark laid down drop cloths to protect my new hardwood floors before bringing in this huge hose he said that he had to hook it to the furnace
    I called Dust Mite Magic from Kudzu and the gentleman on the phone was very nice and knowledgeable about duct cleaning. The price was fair and Mark did a great job..."
  • We help you protect your biggest and most important investment!

  • AtlantaAirDuctCleaning

    Atlanta Duct Cleaning

    At Dust Mite Magic our goal is to be the best Atlanta air duct cleaning and dust elimination company in Atlanta! We don’t just clean vents like the other companies. We have an advanced misting system that will actually kill the dust mites in your mattresses, carpets, drapes, and air ducts. Also we can install an Air Purification System that will eliminate most viruses, germs and reduce allergies! Your air will smell fresher and cleaner!

    The most thorough duct cleaning ever or its free !
    That’s right,we guarantee that when we show you your ducts with our camera,you will see that its clean…

    Don’t be fooled by bait and switch scammers who come out and change the low price 69.95 to 189.00 to a very high price using a carpet cleaning equipment that uses a 2 inch round hose with a little or no suction (45 cfm). There is no attachment that can be added to a carpet cleaning to reach our suction power or a Rotobrush machine that is worse than carpet cleaning. It has a small suction port the size of a quarter on each side of the 2 inch hose. This equipment has been on TV. Scams before . There is no electric machine that you can have in your home( 2,500 cfm) that will match our 7500 cubic feet per min. gasoline operated equipment 10 inch hose suction power.

    Dust Mite Magic uses a patented whip system with 200psi (pounds per square inch) that gets into every corner or your Atlanta duct cleaning. This is far superior to rotating brush systems, which have zero PSI. Do you simply want to stir the dust or totally remove the dust from your home? We are the real deal in Atlanta air vent cleaning!


    Dust mites are second only to pollen in causing allergic reactions. These microscopic, spider like creatures feed mostly off of human dead skin cells and pet dander, and their fecal droppings have been linked to many diseases and illnesses. The American College of Allergists said that “50% of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravated by polluted indoor air.”

    What Do Doctors to Say About Duct Cleaning?

    Doctors, particularly allergists, now commonly prescribe Atlanta duct cleaning as a remedy for health problems, related to indoor air quality. Medical authorities acknowledge that contaminates found in HVAC systems serve as ideal breeding grounds for germs, fungi and other harmful microbes. Medical studies have confirmed that some diseases originate and are spread by contaminated ventilation systems. We are the best deal in Atlanta dust cleaning.

    A typical used mattress can have 10,000 to 10 million mites inside, and ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their fecal pellets. There are 11 species of mites that have been found on mattresses and bedding, others prefer human skin scales, and others gravitate towards dogs, cats, and birds. Did you know that dog Dermatitis is caused by specialized allergens from house dust mites? By the way, The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine wrote that “by controlling biological contaminants (e.g. dust mites and cat allergens), asthma cases could be reduced by 55 to 60 percent.” Atlanta air vent cleaning services.

    A Study in a Medical Journal Shows Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

    In 1993, Garrison Robertson conducted a study to determine the effect of cleaning and sanitizing air duct systems, on the air borne content of airborne CFU’s (Colony Forming Units). The study appeared in The Annals of Allergy, a well respected medical journal. The research used 8 houses as active study samples and several houses as control samples. In the study houses, airborne CFU levels were measured, the air ducts and entire HVAC systems were then cleaned and sanitized with an antimicrobial agent. In the control houses, the airborne CFU’s were measured but no cleaning was done.

    Air Duct Cleaning Atlanta

    The airborne CFU levels were measured immediately after cleaning and again 8 weeks later. The 8 study houses showed significant lower airborne CFU levels (92% lower in winter, 84% lower in summer) than the control houses in each case. This means the air quality was improved and not just the cleanliness of the duct work. Actual results of the test can be read in the article provided in the appendix. We are your best deal in Atlanta air vent cleaning!

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    "Dust mites seen at 350x magnification foraging for human skin on a bedsheet." - Time
    A pinch of dust can have over 1000 dust mites and 250,000 disease causing dust mite droppings. Anne Kennedy, a USDA microbiologist says just a pinch can harbor over 1000 species of bacteria and up to a million organisms.

    A pinch of dust can have over 1000 dust mites and 250,000 disease causing dust mite droppings. Anne Kennedy, a USDA microbiologist says just "a pinch can harbor over 1000 species of bacteria and up to a million organisms."

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